New Timetables for the New Academic Year

Each summer, the University of Nottingham reviews the timetables for their Hopper Bus services, taking on board staff and student feedback and information from the operator, so they can make changes for the new academic year. This year, we have been able to provide the University with details from the GPS tracking system, which has helped re-time some journeys which have been affected by roadworks and heavy traffic. Check the timetables for your route before travelling, but the main changes are:

  • Revised 901 timetable during Monday to Friday peak times, to better reflect traffic along the route
  • Revised 901 timetable on Monday to Friday evenings, to compensate for the continuing roadwork in Clifton
  • All weekend 901 buses serving Kegworth, rather than the University Park Campus loop
  • More 902 buses will serve Jubilee Campus, but peak time buses will no longer serve the University Park loop
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