Changes to Hopper 902

From Monday 31 July the King’s Meadow Campus hopper bus will be operated by a new provider running a revised timetable.

Departure times from University Park and King’s Meadow will remain the same. However, the service will no longer go to Triumph Road and The Exchange, instead stopping on Derby Road opposite Gatehouse Lodge and the new Advanced Manufacturing Building (at Hillside – bus stop LE12).

A common theme in staff feedback has been the desire for a direct hopper bus between King’s Meadow and University Park. The revised timetable offers this, and introducing a stop on Derby Road continues to provide a link to Jubilee Campus.

Tiger European, the service provider for 2017/18, will use a minibus, in reflection of the number of passengers travelling between King’s Meadow and University Park.

During exam periods separate buses are arranged to transport students to exam venues, including King’s Meadow, and it is anticipated that this will continue.

Please note: For 2017/18 it may be possible for wheelchair users to pre-book the University’s accessible minibus to travel to/from King’s Meadow campus.

Queries and feedback about the King’s Meadow hopper bus service should be sent to Tiger European (0115 940 4040,

Queries and feedback relating to the other four hopper bus routes should continue to be sent to Nottingham City Transport’s Travel Centre (0115 950 6070,

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