About us

Purpose of service

The University of Nottingham provides a hopper bus service for the primary purpose of enabling safe, low-carbon and affordable travel between the University’s UK campuses: for students in support of their study commitments and for staff business travel, where there is no alternative means of transport.

Acknowledging the importance of intercampus travel in promoting inclusivity and enabling students to take part in wider university life, including accessing a range of extra-curricular activities, welfare services and sports facilities, the hopper bus service also operates outside of formal teaching hours.

Scope of service

The hopper bus service is operated under contract to Nottingham City Transport (NCT), working to bus timetables that have been mutually agreed. Any change to either the bus timetables or the resources required to operate those timetables is assessed by NCT for its implication on the University’s contract price. The University has allocated a fixed budget to the hopper bus services, so any changes need to be accommodated within this limit.

Responsibilities of passengers and bus operator

As a passenger using the hopper bus service, you are expected to:

  • Treat the bus driver and other passengers with respect, avoiding aggressive behaviour and language
  • Adhere to drivers’ requests, e.g. for standing passengers to move farther into the bus
  • Not eat or drink whilst on the bus
  • Not play music that can be heard by other passengers

In return, you can expect:

  • Safe journey on clean, comfortable wheelchair accessible buses
  • Drivers who are courteous, helpful and professional
  • To travel free of charge with no requirement to show university identification or eligibility to travel

Notification of changes to services

Planned changes to hopper bus services, such as temporary diversions, will be publicised in advance (e.g. at the affected bus stop, on social media).

Unplanned changes to hopper bus services, such as delays due to severe congestion, will be notified on social media as soon as NCT becomes aware of the incident. In addition, all liveried hopper buses are equipped with real-time tracking that can be viewed on the Hopper Bus website and is shown on the electronic displays installed at bus stops.

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