Bikes on Buses

All Hopper branded buses can carry 2 bicycles, which are carried on the back of the bus in a special rack.

Bike Rack

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Tips and advice for travelling with a bike:

  • Only 2 bicycles can be carried at any one time. If a bus already has 2 bicycles on when it arrives, you will not be able to travel with your bike.
  • Bicycles can never be carried inside of the bus
  • Take care and pay attention to traffic as you load and unload your bicycle on and off the bus
  • When your bicycle has been unloaded, wait for the bus to depart before cycling off to ensure you have a full view of the road

Steps for Taking Your Bike on a Bus:

Our drivers have been trained to assist you when travelling with a bike and we ask that you follow these steps:

  • When the bus approaches, signal the driver to stop and show them you are travelling with a bike
  • The driver will leave their cab to assist you once all the other passengers have boarded the bus
  • Take your bicycle to the rear of the bus. Remove all items that may come loose during the journey e.g. lights, saddlebags, pumps etc.
  • When asked by the driver, place it on the roadway so it is parallel with the rack and the bicycle is facing the right way (stickers show you the correct front wheel position)
  • When prompted by the driver, lift your bicycle on to the rack. Use the available rack nearest to the bus and ensure your wheels rest firmly in the guttering
  • The driver will extend the clamping arm and place it firmly on top of your front tyre as close to the forks as possible, but without contacting the frame
  • The driver will tell you when your bicycle is secure and you can board the bus to travel to your destination
  • When you arrive at your stop, wait until all other passengers have alighted the bus and new ones boarded, before approaching the driver to ask for your bicycle
  • Go with the driver to the rear of the bus and they will remove the clamping arm for you
  • Lift your bicycle from the rack and place it on the road first, before moving quickly to the pavement
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