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Track your bus in real-time with the free Arriva Bus App

Real-time Information – Your travel companion

Our hopperbus services are GPS tracked and report their location approximately every 20 seconds.  With the free Arriva Bus App you can check the time of the next bus, find your nearest bus stop, and plan your journey from campus to campus.

Zoom in on your current location and you’ll see the buses moving along the route in real time.  Click on a bus stop to see a live departure board for that stop, or click on one of the buses to see its estimated time of arrival at each of the stops along the route

Not got a smartphone?  You can also plan your journey on the Arriva website here

How to use the Arriva Bus App

Coronavirus Update:
Our first priority is to keep you and our staff safe. Should there be any impact to our services or timetables, we will update you as soon as possible on our website and via real time data in our Arriva UK Bus app. Visit our Coronavirus page for more information.